The Sense of Touch: WEART on display at Milan Design Week with Istituto Marangoni

A journey to discover the latest frontiers of tactile digitization: as part of the Milan Design Week, WEART is on display with its TouchDIVER at Superstudio Più, in Via Tortona in Milan, for "The Sense of Touch Exhibition" in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni.

The FuoriSalone has always represented a primary showcase for the many international design schools, which have the opportunity to enhance student projects and create virtuous partnerships with brands, manufacturers and foundations.

The 2023 edition of Milan Design Week has a rich schedule of exhibitions and installations, which bring creativity, ideas and innovation to the most relevant stage of Italian and international design, architecture and art.

The relationship between human beings and robots is at the center of the installation created by the students of the Master in Product & Furniture Design of the Istituto Marangoni in collaboration with WEART.

The spaces of SuperStudio Più thus host an exclusive partnership, with nine product projects designed to enhance the sense of touch. All through the TouchDIVER technology developed by WEART with which users can experience tactile sensations even in virtual or remote spaces.

With the TouchDIVER it is possible to perceive the consistency of an object, its texture, its heat and its vibrations.

An experience to look at, but also, and above all, to touch firsthand.

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