Our Values

In e-Novia we contribute to the construction of something bigger than ourselves: the world we want to live in.

A place for

Talents of all ages

50% are under the age of 30 


Valuable skills

95% have a college degree 

Risorsa 3sfondo place to be

Advanced specializations

10% have a Ph.D 


People at the center

Flexibility, listening, respect and inclusion are the terms of the alliance agreement with which we develop and protect our most precious asset: Human Capital. 

We promote an ongoing and reciprocal training of our talents. All within a peaceful, stimulating environment based on teamwork.

Each talent is involved in a world in which knowledge is contaminated, where technology and know-how come together to create innovation and amazement.

Where diversity is wealth.


Sustainability objective

Environmental, social and economic sustainability has always been in our DNA. We carry on an entrepreneurial sensitivity that looks at the challenges of the future not only from an anthropocentric perspective, but also taking into account the major climate issues. 

The recognition of the equation between entrepreneurship, value and sustainability, technological acceleration in manufacturing, transparency, legislative consistency and, finally, the ethical sense of doing business by placing the individual at the center of the entrepreneurial mission: these are just some of the objectives that guide our industrial strategies.

Risorsa 2sfondo place to be

Open positions

Join e-Novia and contribute with us to the creation of a new development model that takes advantage of the latest discoveries in the fields of mechatronics, biotechnology, vehicular mobility and collaborative robotics, and which benefits from the contribution of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Deep Learning and Machine Learning.