Attention to quality in the e-Novia Group

Quality, technical competence and service are the main means to compete on the market and are the fundamental elements of e-Novia's corporate strategy.

The Mission of e-Novia indicates as its primary objective the maximum customer satisfaction in compliance with their explicit and implicit expectations and needs, obtained thanks to the excellent quality of the products and services offered in the design and production of hardware and software electronic systems.

All this means:

  • Providing consultancy services with a high technical engineering content
  • Develop innovative projects with a high technical-scientific content that can be transformed into “business projects”
  • Maintain an excellent quality/price ratio for the products and services offered
  • Guarantee the reliability of the products
  • Satisfy and retain customers and stakeholders
  • Maintain an active Quality System compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard with the aim of pursuing continuous qualitative improvement of company performance, products and services provided in compliance with customer needs and applicable mandatory requirements


Below are the actions that e-Novia intends to carry out with a view to consolidating its quality standards:

  • Develop and offer customers complete products and services in different solutions
  • Reduce the incidence of complaints and warranty interventions, the latter indicating the reliability of products and services
  • Carry out a systematic analysis of company costs in order to have sufficient elements to propose competitive products with a good quality/price ratio
  • Focus attention on satisfying the customers’ requests, maximum attention and clarity in the commitments undertaken (professional seriousness), clearly defining all the requests, which represent the requirements that the Organization must implement and satisfy in all their aspects, at interpretation of their needs and the detection and analysis of data relating to satisfaction so that the correct interpretation of all these elements creates the conditions to be able to offer processes/products/services that increasingly meet their expectations
  • Respect the contractual terms defined in the order confirmation; plan order fulfillment activities in such a way as to speed up delivery of the product requested to the customer as much as possible while at the same time respecting the high quality of the activities and work carried out in compliance with the applicable mandatory regulatory requirements. The ability to improve company performance will be measured by achieving the objectives established in the process policies and those that the Management will establish in periodic reviews.


The entire organization (to the extent of its competence) must pay the utmost attention to interpreting the needs of customers, managing to detect their satisfaction and using this element so that the analysis and correct interpretation of the data lay the foundations for being able to offer products and services that increasingly meet customer expectations.

The Management of e-Novia is aware that the contribution of each collaborator is fundamental for the achievement of company objectives, and for this purpose has assigned precise tasks and responsibilities which it has documented in the job descriptions and in the organizational chart to which it is necessary to refer in order to operate in autonomy and responsibly. The Management undertakes to invest in education and training, so that the most suitable conditions are created for each collaborator to carry out their activity autonomously and to be aware of how much their activity contributes and is important to the achievement of quality objectives. .

The identified company objectives will be periodically monitored and for this purpose the Management has decided to keep under control some indicators with which it will measure the efficiency of the company process and the state of achievement of the objectives themselves. In addition to the specific indicators that highlight whether or not the company policy is satisfied, the Management will be able to establish and quantify further indicators during the review of the quality system. These indicators may be linked to particular market situations, to particular and/or temporary company needs and their measurement may determine any changes to the main indicators which, for the moment, are those listed in this document.

The Management of e-Novia formally undertakes the commitment to conduct a systematic and documented review of the quality system to ensure its continued adequacy and effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of the reference standard and the objectives expressed in the company quality policy. The review is the institutional occasion in which the deviations of the aforementioned indicators between the ideal values to which the Organization must aim and the real objectives to be pursued during the year will be analysed. On this occasion, the necessary resources and the most appropriate and adequate means will be made available, allowing the functions involved to operate so that the identified objectives can be achieved.

The content of this Quality Policy applies to e-Novia and its subsidiaries.

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