Driving the future of innovation: four Enterprises of the e-Novia Group at the Future Economy Festival by New Deals

The Enterprises of the e-Novia Group Weart, Smart Robots, Huxelerate, and YAPE are on display at the event promoted by New Deals to interpret the new economic challenges and the impact of unprecedented technological innovation.

In a world immersed in a vortex of unprecedented changes, what are the qualities that the New Man must possess to successfully manage the challenges of change?

On September 29th at the Alberti Theater in Desenzano del Garda, e-Novia is taking part in the Future Economy Festival by New Deals with four of its Enterprises: Weart, Huxelerate, YAPE and Smart Robots.

A journey into the future of the skills that will dictate the growth of humanity, through the multi-voiced story of companies that are the protagonists of innovation.


Weart: Making the Virtual tangible

From 2.00pm to 7.00pm, guests of the Alberti Theater will have the opportunity to test Weart’s TouchDIVER. The device can reproduce tactile sensations with a high degree of realism, enabling the perception of virtual or remote objects. Weart is digitizing the sense of touch, opening new perspectives for the usability of multimedia content as well as augmented and virtual reality. The TouchDIVER not only improves virtual experiences, but enhances human capabilities and perceptions, paving the way for new possibilities in marketing and commercial communication.

Smart Robots: A revolution in industrial automation

At 4.30pm, Smart Robots will present its Elevator Pitch. Founded in 2016, the company has developed an innovative solution that puts the manual operator at the centre, overturning the paradigm of automation in the manufacturing sector. Thanks to advanced 3D vision and augmented reality technologies, Smart Robots is able to certify and guide the activities of operators in manual stations. The vision system recognizes and localizes the operator’s actions, providing digitalized instructions and intervening in the event of errors. This technology reduces human errors and rework costs, improving efficiency of manual processes in industries such as automotive and appliance manufacturing.

Huxelerate: Computing optimization for the automotive sector

At 5.30pm, it will be time for Huxelerate‘s Elevator Pitch. The software company supports automotive OEMs and TIERS in the transition to software-defined vehicle platforms. Huxelerate virtualizes the vehicle’s computing components, allowing performance estimates and optimization directives without the need to intervene on the vehicle itself. This process significantly reduces time and costs compared to standard processes, opening up new perspectives for the automotive sector.

YAPE: The future of last mile deliveries

Finally, in Piazza Matteotti in Desenzano, guests will discover the functions of YAPE, the self-driving ground drone for the logistics and last mile delivery sector. With the capacity to transport food and products weighing up to ten kilograms, YAPE uses the 5G network to “perceive” the surrounding environment and communicate adaptively. The drone can be tracked in real time thanks to an integrated sensor system that allows the container compartment to be opened by scanning a QR code, revolutionizing the delivery sector.

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