Hybitat: the joint venture of e-Novia and SIT Group for intelligent sustainable energy management

The strategic partnership between the two companies generates a green hydrogen storage system that optimizes the local supply of electricity.

On July 7th, e-Novia and SIT Group, companies listed on the Euronext segment of Borsa Italiana, embarked on an ambitious project: the creation of Hybitat, a joint venture aimed at revolutionizing the local sustainable energy sector through an innovative system for hydrogen generation and storage.

The combination of e-Novia’s technological expertise and SIT’s experience in the heating and cooling systems industry opens the doors to a market with strong growth potential.

The Hybitat Board of Directors, composed of five members, including Vincenzo Russi, co-Founder and CEO of e-Novia, and Federico de’ Stefani, President and CEO of SIT, appointed Giovanni Pulice as CEO and granted some operational responsibilities to the board member Loris Barduca on July 12th. Mario Corsi, the current board member of Enel, was appointed President of Hybitat.

Together, this group of leaders brings exceptional vision and excellent skills to Hybitat, to tackle climate change starting from everyday life.

Vincenzo Russi emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility: «We invest the resources of the Group not only in the development of next-generation vehicles but also in the production of energy for their propulsion. The collaboration with SIT complements our ability to develop innovative solutions with their expertise in managing energy sources to facilitate local and residential availability of sustainable energy. With this initiative, e-Novia aims to extend its presence in the new mobility supply chain. The goal is to respond, through e-Novia’s engineering, Data Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence competencies, to the new challenges of sustainable mobility, which sees a growing and unpredictable demand for energy».

The establishment of Hybitat allows e-Novia to expand its impact on the mobility value chain, in response to the increasing demand for energy, driven by the ongoing transition towards electric and the rise of zero-emission vehicles. The growing focus of people on sustainable mobility not only leads to an increase in electric vehicles, but also results in a rising demand for local green energy to power them, reducing the environmental impact and achieving a virtuous circle.

Federico de’ Stefani highlighted the role of energy storage as an efficient way to supply homes with clean energy, necessary for the proper functioning of heating, ventilation, and cooling systems: «By entering this sector, we strengthen our mission, which is to create smart solutions for climate control for a more sustainable world, reducing CO2 emissions. In e-Novia, we have found a partner who shares the same goals, with strong systemic innovation competencies».

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