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Self-Driving Robot


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All aspects of last mile delivery are at the centre of innovation and competition. Delivery speed is increasing, new collection options are being developed, coordination with the client and delivery management are improving. YAPE is a self-driving robot for last-mile delivery able to carry food and goods in record time & at low cost, whilst simultaneously avoiding traffic and producing zero emissions.

What does the delivery system look like?

The product is as small as a wheelchair, a two-wheeled self-balancing delivery robot that navigates and traverses old, complex town and city environments.

Its delivery container is secure, and capable of making deliveries across towns and cities completely unmanned.

The market potential

The home delivery market is expected to grow to 45 billion deliveries by 2020, with full service capabilities able to support direct to consumer and peer-to-peer services. The system has a huge array of potential applications for food delivery, retail, e-Commerce, postal services, logistics operators and emerging home delivery businesses and entrepreneurs.

Who runs the project?

Led by a team of PhDs with deep expertise in the fields of vehicle dynamic control and self-driving, YAPE is backed by e-Novia’s Enterprise Factory specialized in developing and scaling mobility startups.

The story so far

YAPE has raised a round $6 Million from a market leader automotive company. It won the pre-commercial 5G trial in Italy in partnership with Vodafone, is road testing in northern Italy and has announced commercial partnerships in Europe and the US to test the delivery service with global leaders of food delivery, retail and e-Commerce.