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Audience Sensing


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The online world provides a wide-range of customer knowledge, whereas the offline world lacks tools to scientifically collect metrics on people flows. Blimp develops technologies to bring the science of digital analytics into the physical world.

The Product

Blimp has developed a Head- Counter device to collect real-time data on people and vehicles flows in the physical world, either outdoor or indoor.

How Does It Work?

Blimp Head-Counter processes sampled images in real-time to extract the audience volume and socio-demographic distribution (gender, age and emotional state) up to a 60 meters range in the standard version. The proprietary technology is privacy compliant as the image processing is executed directly on the device, transmitting only the aggregated and anonymized data to the cloud.

Blimp can make the difference on three different fields:

-OOH: increases the selling performance in a programmatic perspective for digital systems such as in the online world

-Retail: improves the entire customer journey to highlight critical issues in the conversion funnel of a physical store

-Live events: measures the brand exposure of the event sponsors

Aims and Next-Steps

Blimp technology has already been selected by key players in the market. The partnership with a global leader in the digital signage industry for the integration of the Head-Counter device into its monitors and data collaborations with smart city companies will support Blimp scalability on the market.