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Innovation in cycling is constantly moving forward. Today the two wheels of a bike can be fitted with the most intelligent safety and control systems, to continuously improve the bike-riding experience. HiRide is setting new performance standards in cycling, reaching new levels of riding efficiency on various ground conditions.

What is HiRide?

HiRide designs, develops and manufactures smart active suspension for different bike categories, from those which traditionally use suspension – notably mountain bikes – to all-road, gravel and endurance bikes.

Through sophisticated dynamic control algorithms, Hiride suspension can understand maneuvers, riding style and road condition, and activate automatically to adapt the suspension’s behavior to maximize the rider performance.

Founded in 2017, HiRide launched the first electronic rear suspension (ESAS) for all-road bikes in the same year. This product has since been adopted by Pinarello, the world famous premium bike manufacturer and current HiRide customer. Team Sky used the ESAS for 8 races on the 2018 UCI World Tour.

What is going on at HiRide?

During 2018, HiRide also finalized the development of a front electronic suspension for all-road bikes, conducting a market test with several bicycle OEMs. The new suspension will be launched on the market in the first half of 2019.

In the mountain bike sector, HiRide is currently developing a smart active suspension system that will set new standards of performance and stability on trail, enduro and all-mountain bikes. The launch of this brand-new technology is planned for 2020.

Who’s running it?

HiRide is managed and led by a technical team that has significant high-end experience in the automotive world, particularly in the field of motorbikes: thanks to this unique background, HiRide can count on cutting-edge competences in algorithms and control electronics.