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The Thinking Body for Autonomous Light Vehicles


The Thinking Body for Autonomous Light Vehicles


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In the not too distant future our cars will brake automatically upon seeing an obstacle, will allow us to pay for refuelling without leaving the car and much more. All this is thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence. E-Shock is the global leader in artificial intelligence for vehicle suspension, providing technology for almost 30.000 vehicles each year.

The products

The company is at the forefront of vehicle-dynamics control, leading production and supply to the global elite of original equipment manufacturers.

To this end, E-Shock has developed the following products:

  • eLean, a smart Inertial Measurement Unit, providing 6 inertial axes of measurement to estimate a vehicle’s attitude
  • eTC, a Traction Control Library, for the management of rear wheel slip, featuring anti-wheelie and launch control functions
  • eSAI (E-Shock Suspension Artificial Intelligence), an electronic kit which implements our suspension control technology, which in turn drives the electronic suspension to enhance comfort, performance and safety

Bluchassis, the future

To meet the future needs of a dynamic and fast evolving industry like the automotive industry today, e-Shock is currently developing a self-driving digital chassis, Bluchassis, aimed at mission-specific light vehicles. The idea is to facilitate the adoption of autonomous driving technology by low volume vehicle manufacturers supplying a highly customizable vehicle platform to suit customer needs.

The digital chassis is studied in partnership with a well-known automotive Tier 1 company that globally delivers high impact solutions for automotive industry.

The aims

The digital chassis will drastically reduce investment and time-to-market for low-volume vehicle production in the future.

The aim for 2019 is the creation of the demonstrative prototype with the goal of certifying, industrializing and finally launching the technology on the market.