Collaborative Mobility


Changing the way vehicles interact with people


Changing the way vehicles interact with people


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The mobility market is changing, new business models, value chains, challenges and needs are arising. With these new scenarios, E-Shock emerges providing the best and most flexible platform to enable vehicle robotization.

The Product

The Dynamic Cortex is a network of systems and technologies to enable robotization on vehicles offering the highest levels of comfort, performance and safety. The state of art of the Dynamic Cortex is Rob.Y, the most complete robotic platform for vehicles designed for professional services applications (tow tractors, cleaning sweepers, logistics vehicles) and advanced mobility solutions.


How Does It Work?

The Dynamic Cortex technology allows E-Shock to address a diversified customer base. This technology is composed of three robotic building blocks, all of them enabling vehicle robotization and integration with autonomous driving software:

• Perception Functions estimate and monitor vehicle attitude trough Chassis Sensors creating a dynamic digital twin of the vehicle.

• Control Functions enable and manage vehicle smart actuators trough Control Units empowering vehicle robotization.

• Connecting Functions supervise and coordinate vehicle data exchange with external devices trough Connectivity enhancing user experience.


Aims And Next-Steps

E-Shock aims to become the leader on mobility applications and robotization for two, three and four wheels vehicles being recognized as the tech company that changed the way how vehicles interact with humans.

While keeping enhancing the robotization in the recreational vehicles market consolidating its leadership in the sector, E-Shock will be ready for Rob.Y market validation in early 2021.