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Brake to Perfection


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Electric bikes, bike sharing, free-floating, new bikeways across cities: we are looking at a cultural revolution, a revolution with two wheels and pedals. In this context of expansion BluBrake has created newer, safer cycling experiences. An invisible technology, effective when you need it.

blubrake Products

BluBrake has developed the lightest and most advanced ABS for e-bikes on the market. The product reduces braking distances and the risk of crashing, automatically controlling the pressure applied during braking. It can be installed on the e-bike or even inside the frame.

blubrake’s anti-lock braking system has been developed in partnership with a leading braking system manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Moreover, blubrake is developing a telemetry device able to collect and analyze the rider’s performance data. It measures data such as speed, braking time and space, bike lean angle, and more, meaning it can improve a cyclist’s braking and downhill performance.

What is going on at BluBrake?

BluBrake’s ABS has been validated by some of the most important European e-bike makers, who have already placed orders for the first batch that will be delivered in the second half of 2019.

What’s the vision?

BluBrake aims to become the world’s leading braking control system in the e-bike industry, providing a high-quality and reliable product that will become a safety-standard for this market.

Furthermore, blubrake’s goal is to ride the wave of the urban mobility revolution, providing miniaturized electronic braking systems to the emerging light electric (and autonomous) vehicle market.