Our Factory is a place where dualisms become an asset.

& Multiplicity

We are different

As Enterprises Factory, e-Novia is unique. We are different. In our uniqueness, we are multiple: thanks to the variety of competencies, personalities and capabilities, we contaminate each other and continuously reinvent ourselves. Here, the result is much more than the sum of the parts.

Determination & Diversity

We are engaging

At e-Novia we we breathe excitement, sometimes pressure, enthusiasm. Our diverse passions playing off each other make us engaging and gives us the courage to be leaders and entrepreneurs. We face chaos and uncertainty with curiosity intrepidness towards new discoveries and new opportunities.

& Pragmatism

We are explorers

We are visionaries. We dream, we imagine the future without the need for VR glasses. Our strength lies in the ability to transform visions into a tangible and concrete reality. Dreaming the future enables us to make an impact on the present.

& Lightness

We are builders

Although multilayered, we are coherent and consistent. Belief in what we do is our common thread, which represents the e-Novia approach and style. How we do it? Through organization and method. Fearless, we make the complex simple.

& Quickness

We are concrete

We look at the result: a precise, concrete, specific result. The method and approach we apply to our Factory allow us to reach excellent and rapid results.