The Italian deep tech arrives on the stock exchange

e-Novia lands on the Stock Exchange with a listing operation on Euronext Growth Milan, today the ceremony in Piazza Affari.

«In 2015, when everyone was talking about digital, we created a factory of deep tech companies. A model that was difficult to convey (and to understand) at the time, but which grew thanks to the quality of the projects and the feedback from investors and the market. Today we celebrate this journey with the listing of e-Novia, with modern access to capital that will give us visibility to carry out operations that recognize the value we have created over the years”. With these words Vincenzo Russi, co-Founder of e-Novia together with Ivo Boniolo and Cristiano Spelta, launched this morning in Piazza Affari the trading of the company’s ordinary shares on Euronext Growth Milan – Professional Segment, a multilateral trading system organized and managed from Borsa Italiana.

Since its inception, e-Novia has paid great attention to the governance of the company. Therefore, not only engineering and technology, but management, finance, control, legal, administration and communication aimed at creating those indispensable tools to meet the requirements of the capital markets.

In recent years e-Novia has raised financial resources in the form of risk capital and loans for a total of 64 million euros and 25 million euros respectively, to support growth plans based on large investments in the development of innovative technologies. These assets allow the company to strengthen its position as a global player in deep tech.

Today e-Novia is an industrial Group active in sustainable mobility, vehicular and collaborative robotics, today with eight companies – Blubrake, e-Shock, HiRide, Y.Share, YAPE, Blimp, Weart and Smart Robots – which have leader in the reference markets.

Innovation has always been in the DNA of e-Novia, it is a frequency that must remain very high. The company has a tech strategy structure not only in the product companies but also in the Group itself. With these assets, e-Novia has gone from being a factory of companies to an industrial group: these products are now on the market, but they continue to evolve.

All this thanks to a team of trained and focused people who support the product and the whole company: 200 innovators, most of them engineers. 90% of people have a bachelor’s degree, 14% a phd or master’s degree. 87% of people are under forty and 50% are under thirty. A primacy that makes e-Novia very similar to Californian and Israeli deep tech companies.

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