Milan: with the self-driving droid YAPE the experimentation for efficient and sustainable last mile deliveries kicks off

YAPE moves within the residential district of UpTown Smart District in Milan, interacting with a multitude of subjects in heterogeneous and widespread conditions, to carry out the tasks assigned from time to time.

On Tuesday 19 July 2022, the works for the experimentation of YAPE in an urban environment officially started, as part of Sperimentazione Italia, the regulatory sandbox that allows startups, companies, universities and research centers to experiment with innovative projects through a temporary derogation from the rules in force.

The authorization for the experimentation of YAPE is the result of the collaboration between the Department for Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility and the Municipality of Milan.

YAPE, a startup born within e-Novia, is a self-driving ground drone operating in the logistics and last mile delivery sector. It moves within UpTown, the new high-tech residential district created by EuroMilano S.p.A. in Milan.

The robot can transport, autonomously and adaptively in space, food and other products up to a weight of ten kilograms. Thanks to the 5G network, the perception of the surrounding environment can be increased. Through an integrated sensor system, it can also send and receive information in real time and therefore be traceable at any time. Once it arrives at its destination, its container compartment can be opened by scanning a QR code.

These characteristics make YAPE the first highly innovative logistics partner for the provision of services related to the mobility of goods within Smart Cities and intelligent buildings.

The experimentation will be divided into two phases from July to December 2022. During this time, YAPE will roam “freely” in a predefined area, following the authorized paths to meet the safety requirements imposed and interacting with a multitude of subjects in heterogeneous conditions, while periodically carrying out the tasks assigned.

While the rise of e-commerce continues to cause road congestion in urban centers due to delivery vehicles, YAPE is specifically designed to respect the specific conformation of Italian and European cities, allowing for a safe, silent, sustainable delivery system, efficient and with low environmental impact.

«We are working on the construction of that collaborative and hyper-connected ecosystem that today characterizes modern Smart Cities», declared Vincenzo Russi, CEO of e-Novia and President of YAPE, “starting with the possibility of offering innovative vehicles for mobilization of goods. Project that in Italy, but also in Europe, must consider the particular configuration of cities, very different, for example, from those in the US. Our autonomous drone is designed to be able to move from medieval alleys to the complex topologies of Italian and European cities, enabling a truly sustainable delivery. The green light for its experimentation, on which we have been working for a long time, represents a great achievement as well as a step forward towards that “right to innovate” that concerns all the technologies developed within e-Novia».

With the application of Sperimentazione, the “Italian laboratory” takes a decisive step towards the development of a simplified and rapid path, which opens the door to experimentation in the context of emerging technologies and initiatives with high technological value. The aim is to shape Italy as a leader of innovation in Europe, with positive impacts for citizens, the Public Administration and businesses. A concrete intervention that can help create qualified jobs in our Country and make it a center of attraction for young talents.

«What makes a city smart? In our opinion, it is the sum of all those services and actions that guarantee quality of life, environmental safety, speed and effectiveness of mobility», declared Attilio Di Cunto, CEO of EuroMilano. «To do this, technology is necessary, but by itself it is not enough. We need a development vision that holds together the different levels of urban living: the house, the condominium, the neighborhood and therefore the whole city. It is essential to be open to innovation in all its forms and to have a cutting-edge digital infrastructure, fast, reliable and widespread. Therefore, since its project, UpTown continues to experiment with new services and new partnerships, such as the one with YAPE of the e-Novia Group».

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