Digital twins are increasingly tangible: the experience of e-Novia at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023

Digital twins are born to simplify and optimize work and lifestyles. Is it possible to make them even more efficient? With its solutions, presented last February 13 in Nashville at SOLIDWORKS' 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023, WEART digitizes the sense of touch, allowing the experimentation of contents that until recently could only be perceived through hearing and sight .

«Since its foundation, e-Novia has built a portfolio of companies benefiting from its team of polytechnic talents and a network of relationships with different players operating in the field of technological innovation. Among the companies of the e-Novia Group, WEART, with its TouchDIVER, has digitized the sense of touch, allowing the experimentation of contents that, until recently, could only be perceived through hearing and sight».

Thus began the speech by Fabio Pizzato, Chief of Entrepreneurs of e-Novia, held last February 13 on the occasion of the 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 event, organized in Nashville (Tennessee) by SOLIDWORKS to offer a wide range of insights dedicated to themes of design, simulation and production for all those companies that use Dassault Systèmes solutions for their business.

«The TouchDIVER developed by WEART can reproduce the tactile sensations during a virtual reality experience. It really allows you to feel the texture and softness of an object, such as the leather upholstery of a car seat or the sensation of heat or cold. Thanks to this technology, designers can even touch and manipulate their creations as they are being built. With WEART, digital twins are increasingly tangible».

Digital twins are born to simplify and optimize work and lifestyles. «What we do with WEART is to bring people closer to real life experience even when they use digital content», continues Fabio Pizzato, «It’s like going from silent films to soundtracks, or from black and white films to colours».

Not only haptics and augmented reality: e-Novia’s deep tech also and above all focuses on innovation in sustainable mobility, through vehicular and collaborative robotics. The Group has laid the foundations for a portfolio of companies that today are pioneers in their reference markets. Speaking of light, sustainable and safe mobility, HiRide creates miniaturized and adaptive suspensions for the cycling world, while Blubrake offers the first ABS for e-bikes and e-cargo bikes that is completely integrated into the frame.

Deep tech innovation requires a systemic approach and rigorous methodologies: for this reason e-Novia is at the center of a network that brings together the scientific expertise of European excellence and the quality of the Italian manufacturing industry. Furthermore, e-Novia operates with very rapid prototyping cycles, bringing innovative physical products to market at a speed similar to that of the digital world.

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