E-Novia and its companies go to CES of Las Vegas

In just two years e-Novia has become one of the most dynamic and enterprising players in the Italian hi-tech sector

E-Novia and its companies go to CES of Las Vegas

E-Novia and its companies go to CES of Las Vegas

In just two years e-Novia has become one of the most dynamic and enterprising players in the Italian hi-tech sector

E-Novia and its companies go to CES of Las Vegas

In just two years e-Novia has become one of the most dynamic and enterprising players in the Italian hi-tech sector

E-Novia and its companies go to CES of Las Vegas

The best of the Italian high-tech sector will be showcased at the most prestigious international event, and it will be presented by E-Novia, the ‘Enterprise Factory’, which has chosen to take part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with six of its companies, from the 9th to the 12th of January 2018 in Las Vegas. E-Novia will take part take part in the event along with the mission ‘Made in Italy. The Art of Technology’, which is supported by the Ministry for Economic Development(MISE), and alongside the Italian Trade Agency (ICE): together they will form the most significant Italian group at the American show. The decision to participate in CES was taken in response to the growing interest from overseas investors in e-Novia’s companies, and to allow the ‘Enterprise Factory’ to present its inventions and products in person. The 2018 edition of CES in Las Vegas, the most important event of the year for the presentation of the best technological innovations in the world, provides the perfect opportunity: there are expected to be almost 4000 companies, 175,000 visitors, and 7000 journalists present.

At Eureka Park, the area traditionally reserved for new companies, there will be space allocated to the inventions that in recent months have been successfully presented to the international market, and now international consumers and investors will have the chance to see them close up. From YAPE, the self-driving pony express, which concluded its testing phase on the 4th of December by completing its first autonomous delivery, and which in November received investment worth six million euros from Eldor Corporation, the multinational in the automotive and sustainable mobility sector, through the artificial intelligence in the bicycles from Blubrake and HiRide, the capacity for artificial perception with which Smart Robots has redefined the world of collaborative robots, the predictive analysis using Big Data, with which Blimp has created the first platform able to profile the audience reached by billboard or television advertising, to Y.Share, which offers an innovative micro-robotic solution for car sharing of fleets composed of vehicles of different makes and models.

“In just two years e-Novia has become one of the most dynamic and enterprising players in the Italian hi-tech sector” commented Vincenzo Russi, CEO of e-Novia, who added: “being at CES with six companies controlled by us, and the presence of other companies from the e-Novia ecosystem makes us very proud. This event in Las Vegas, alongside the most important international organisations, represents an unmissable chance to exchange ideas with the large international investors we will meet during the many meetings we have planned, and with whom we will seek to form stable working relationships, taking advantage of our presence in Silicon Valley. We are taking some of the best examples of Italian engineering to Las Vegas: inventions that originate from the Polytechnic University of Milan and some of the best universities in Italy. These inventions are then developed at e-Novia, as a result of our capability to combine technical-scientific expertise in vehicular mobility systems and in robotics. They are examples of Italian excellence that are now operating on the same level as the most innovative and developed organisations in the world, and they are taking part in those technological challenges that have led to the concentration of investment and skills in Silicon Valley. It’s another step forward in our process of internationalisation which has in recent months seen us open an office in Silicon Valley and, in the coming months will see us open an office in Japan”.

What is e-Novia?

E-Novia is a unique institution in the Italian industrial landscape, an ‘Enterprise Factory’ which transforms research into products, researchers into entrepreneurs and start-ups into companies. The ‘Factory’ promotes, establishes and develops innovative companies with high technological value, through the enhancement of intellectual property developed in co-operation with the main Italian research institutes and with international corporations, and transforming them into plans for start-ups through its own ‘production line’ made up of two ‘foundries’: the ‘Invention Foundry’ and the ‘Enterprise Foundry’.

The following companies, which have already come off e-Novia’s ‘production line’, will be at CES:


YAPE, an acronym of Your Autonomous Pony Express, is a compact self-driving robot which moves on two wheels, powered by electric motors which have a range of around 80 kilometres. Thanks to its sensors and video cameras it is able to travel along pavements and cycle lanes to deliver packages of up to 70 kilograms in weight. YAPE is simple to use thanks to an app connected to a control platform. To send packages via YAPE, all you have to do is input the destination address in the app, or simply input to whom the package is addressed, leaving the task of finding the correct address to YAPE’s GPS system. On delivery, the recipient will be able to open the package compartment using a facial recognition system.


It maps out space in real time, it recognises objects and people’s gestures, it interacts with people, adapting the movements of the robot that it is connected to. It’s Smart Robots, a lightweight and compact device, external to the robot, which revolutionises the concept of cobot, a key aspect of the Industry 4.0 challenge. Using its advanced sensors in unison, Smart Robots, thanks to a kind of ‘intelligent eye’ can detect human movement, recognise objects and perceive the surrounding environment. And the combined use of recognition of voice commands, gestures and human interaction allows new forms of interaction during both the programming phase and the operational phase. For more


HiRide’s Electronic Dogma Suspension System, currently mounted on the Pinarello Dogma K10-S, reads the road and understands the dynamics of the vehicle, adapting the frame to any kind of terrain, from asphalt to the most rugged off-road tracks, in real time. HiRide sets a new standard in the field of the road bikes, giving the cyclist a new perception of their bike and eliminating the trade-off between performance and comfort. For the first time, artificial intelligence has been transferred to the suspension, allowing a deeper understanding of a cyclist’s pedalling style and the track conditions: sophisticated algorithms estimate the gradient of a slope, variations in the terrain, and pedalling frequency, and can detect potholes and bumps in the road. For more


Sixth Sense by Blubrake allows cyclists to expand their five senses, helping to optimise braking in all kinds of road conditions. Sixth Sense allows you to improve the controllability of the vehicle while braking, and therefore also the cyclist’s safety. The system monitors and elaborates the bike’s behaviour 1000 times per second, starting with the measurements taken by accelerometers and triaxial gyroscopes, and including the information elaborated by a new kind of nano-magnetic-particle-based speed sensor, designed specifically for Sixth Sense. The algorithms are able to predict potentially very dangerous events like a front wheel locking up or the bicycle flipping over, with extreme speed and accuracy. For more


Blulmpression is a platform that uses patented artificial intelligence and Big-Data technology to track the audience reached by a fixed or mobile billboard advert. The algorithm which is central to the device combines different data sources to estimate the physical audience of an advertising campaign; the number of ‘impressions’ can be correlated with data logged in shops to enable real time and geo-localised monitoring of ROI (Return on Investment) of advertising campaigns.


It’s a product that is revolutionising the concept of car sharing. Thanks to an innovative smartbox-key fob, car doors can be unlocked directly from a smartphone, without needing to install complex electrical communication systems inside the car. With a micro-robot, it is possible to manage the key to car, enter the vehicle, and share it with other users. For more

The committee to promote ‘Made in Italy. The Art of Technology’ is made up of e-Novia, Teorema-TILT, AREA Science Park/Innovation Factory, Unicredit-StartLab, Italia Startup and Industrio, under the patronage of Mise, the Ministry of Economic Development, and with the co-operation of APSTI, the Association of Italian Technical and Scientific Parks. Organisation and logistics by World Trade Center Trieste.

At CES we’re at Tech west, Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G and Venetian, Level 1