A selection of e-Novia cutting-edge technologies.
Human and Machine collaboration
will never be the same.

Las Vegas Convention Center

South Hall 2, booth 26030

The 8 Enterprises that will make your journey at our Booth memorable.

Blubrake is the smart ABS for e-bikes that ensures your safety

Rob.Y is the robotic, modular and urban friendly chassis designed by E-Shock for the future mobility

HiRide designs, develops and manufactures smart adaptive suspensions for road bikes.

Measy is hi-tech e-cargo bike for professional last miles delivery riders.

Smart Robots is an intelligent device which supports the operators in Smart Factories.

YAPE, Your Autonomous Pony Express, delivers goods and food in short time for last-mile delivery

Wahu is the active sole that adapts its form to the external environment and the state of the person.

Weart devices can playback and record temperature, pressure, and textile patterns directly to the fingers of the user.


Hall G, booth 52722 T

The 2 e-Novia Enterprises selected from the ITA Organization.

Existo designs and manufactures light wearable technologies to augment human capabilities in daily living.

Huxelerate is a specialized service to boost large data processing by making every computation efficient.

Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall 2 - Ground Level
AI/ Robotics Area - Booth 26030

Eureka Park, Sands
Hall G - Booth 52722

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